What We Do 服務範圍

We want to make a connection, build friendship, and help.

Plano community center which provide regular community services.

What We Do 服務範圍


— General Services 一般服務

Our Community Services provide a variety of assistance to fulfill our community needs: documents translation, interpretation, forms filing, help in computer literacy, government benefits information/referral/application. 



— Family Caring Outreach 家庭關懷

We hope to raise the consciousness of healthy family in the community, and help improve and build healthy family and marriage relationships. Our activities will include education, seminars, literature, counseling, and others.

家庭事工部希望透過教育,講座,信仰,文字,協談和活動, 來幫助社區提高健康的家庭意識,並改善和建立美滿家庭及婚姻關係。

辦公時間 OFFice Hours:Monday - Friday: 10am to 2 pm